Zaporizhzhia-1 railway station

Railway station in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
47°47′43″N 35°11′15″E / 47.7952°N 35.1875°E / 47.7952; 35.1875Coordinates 22: 47°47′43″N 35°11′15″E / 47.7952°N 35.1875°E / 47.7952; 35.1875HistoryOpened1873Rebuilt1954

Zaporizhzhia-1 railway station (Ukrainian: Запоріжжя I) is the main train station in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.

The first station was built in 1873 during the construction of the Lozova-Sevastopol railway.[1]

The new station building was opened on September 25, 1954. The commissioning of the station was planned a year earlier, but since the construction was delayed, the inscription "1953" appears on the facade.[2]


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